OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation intends to tighten the procedure for obtaining a hunting ticket. Representatives of the ministry believe that the current rules are a "formal procedure," and people who received weapons do not know animal biology, as well as their value, Kommersant writes.

It is planned to introduce the so-called hunting exam, which will include questions on knowledge of the fundamentals of the biology of wild animals, on knowledge of the rules of hunting, as well as questions on safety.

According to the publication, the tightening of rules for obtaining a hunting ticket may be associated with an increase in accidents. So, in 2016, 31 people died on the hunt. Also occasionally there are incidents when hunters kill animals listed in the Red Book.

At the moment, to get a hunting ticket, you must be legally capable, have no criminal record, and also know the rules of the hunting minimum. In this case, the test is not required.

The Ministry of Environment noted that people who already have a hunting ticket will not be required to repeat the procedure.