OREANDA-NEWS  Holding "Roselectronics" (part of "Rostec") began production and supply of modernized complexes R-090K for communication networks and management of the Armed forces, told in the press service of the organization.

"The complex is designed to deploy advanced automated control systems using heterogeneous communication channels, including the ability to access Ethernet network subscribers. The equipment provides operation via four independent discrete communication channels. Unit performs the transmission and reception of data via leased four-wire voice frequency channels," – said the press service.

The holding also noted that R-090K, developed by the organization "KNIITMU" (part of "Roselectronics"), successfully passed tests and confirmed significant improvements in the tactical and technical characteristics of the complex on the reliability and safety of communication channels.

As specified in the press service, when only the domestic electronic component base is used in the creating of the product.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko on radio Sputnik told why such complexes are needed.
"Such complexes are in any modern army, because any modern army needs control systems, communication, data transmission. These supplies (complexes R-090K) are designed to increase mobility, manageability of units, to create conditions for the transfer of all necessary information for decision-making and bring the command of the control to the military units. This is one of the elements to ensure sustainable management of armed forces groups," Igor Korotchenko said.

This is done on the basis of new technological solutions, he said.

"On closed channels of communication are transferred necessary amounts of data from reconnaissance assets, UAVs. All this is integrated, generalized and transmitted. The new generation of combat control systems allows you to secretly transmit the necessary amount of data and bring to the troops the necessary commands. Of course, this is done on a new element base, on new technological solutions, these are new developments, " concluded Igor Korotchenko