OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian government is developing measures to ban non-recyclable plastic, including colored plastic and disposable tableware, said Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko.

«We are talking about hard-to-remove materials such as cocktail straws, disposable tableware, and so on. This is what we need to do, it is already in the practical work of the government», Abramchenko said at the «Clean Country» forum on Tuesday, March 16.

She recalled, that by 2030, it is planned to allocate half of the total mass of waste to secondary material resources. «This will allow us to bury 50% less waste. This will allow us to use 50% less primary resources», the Deputy Prime Minister explained.

According to Abramchenko, Russia annually accumulates 8 billion tons of various industrial waste. «Most of this waste is secondary material resources, something that can be involved in the turnover again and that will allow enterprises to earn money», she notes.

The Deputy Prime Minister also added, that as part of the work on involving waste in secondary turnover, it is necessary to attract three rubles of private investment for one ruble of the federal budget. In this case, there will be new capacities, enterprises for processing secondary material resources.