OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian government, represented by the president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, assures that a magazine like Charlie Hebdo could not appear in Russia. So he commented on the upsurge of violence in France due to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

He recalled that about 20 million Muslims live in Russia, although Christianity remains the predominant religion.

Peskov explained that the uniqueness of Russia lies precisely in its multinationality and multiconfessionalism. And all nations live in full respect for each other, recognizing each other's traditions and customs. And therefore, the existence of such a publication in Russia is absolutely impossible; moreover, it would be prohibited by the current Russian legislation.

When journalists asked whether, according to the Kremlin, it is permissible to make cartoons of God, Peskov did not answer this question. He noted that it is impossible to discuss this issue from an official position. At the same time, the press secretary expressed confidence that it is unacceptable to offend the feelings of believers, just as it is unacceptable to kill people.

It should be recalled that the theme of Charlie Hebdo cartoons has become relevant again after the tragedy in the suburbs of Paris Conflans-Saint-Honorine. There, on October 16, an 18-year-old extremist beheaded history teacher Samuel Pati.