OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Prague's accusations against Moscow. According to her, these accusations were "made up in a hurry."

As noted by Zakharova, Czech officials issued "another caricature" as "a ready-made evidence base" for bringing charges.

“This is absurdity, the savagery of today's world, when we have the opportunity to listen, see everything quickly, check, do fact-checking. But it turns out that we live in the modern world, where the obvious is not proof of anything, and what is invented, thrown in and hastily concocted can become the basis for activating the mechanism for destroying bilateral Russian-Czech relations ”, said a Foreign Ministry spokesman on the Russia 1 TV channel.

According to Zakharova, the United States is behind the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the Czech Republic.

Zakharova added: “You need to understand that the number of problems that have accumulated in the EU countries and in the West in general is now more than enough. It is necessary to take some information and political measures in order to cover up these problems. Russia - that is the run-in tool that is used in such cases. "