OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the West's reaction to the incident with the Ryanair landing in Belarus shocking.

Zakharova wrote on her Facebook account: "It is shocking that the West calls the incident in the airspace of Belarus" shocking. "

According to her, "the life of" civilized democracies "along the trajectory" quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi "(" What is allowed to Jupiter, not allowed to a bull ") is long out of date due to the loss of the once leading true leadership qualities." As the diplomat noted, "the blood and suffering of millions around the world knocked out the stool with which they preached from under the Western demagogues."

Zakharova added: "Either everything should shock: from the forced landing in Austria of the plane of the President of Bolivia at the request of the United States and in Ukraine after 11 minutes of takeoff of the Belarusian side with the Anti-Maidan activist. Or it should not shock the similar behavior of others."

She believes that "the use of information and political campaigns to form the appropriate perception through the media does not bring the desired effect - the network remembers all cases of violent abductions, forced landings and illegal arrests made by" guardians of order and guardians of morality. "