OREANDA-NEWS. Moscow will respond to possible new steps and actions of Prague towards Russian diplomats. So the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said.

Zakharova on the air of the radio station "Moscow speaking" said: "There is no desire to solve the problem or prevent the problem, there is, on the contrary, a desire to aggravate it. If this approach continues, it will receive appropriate answers. And Prague is well aware of this."

At the same time, she noted that, unlike "modeling absurd situations", which is what the official Prague is currently doing, Moscow "does not engage in fantasies."

"We are doing a specific job ... If there is a desire to solve a problem, it must and can be resolved. If this is the path that Prague has designated for confrontation, then an appropriate response will be given to it. I mean an answer to appropriate actions. Prague is well known, "added a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. She added that "there is no task to normalize work and make it normal, adequate ... There is a task to arrange such a performance."

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that statements about the involvement of Russian special services in the explosion in Vrbetica in 2014 are absurd, unfounded and far-fetched, and the United States, the Czech Republic and other European countries are trying to cover up their own internal problems behind the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Prague.