OREANDA-NEWS. The governor of the Tomsk region, Sergei Zhvachkin, said that if the Russians do not begin to massively vaccinate against the coronavirus, there will be more and more waves of the pandemic. The governor's address was posted on the Instagram of the regional administration.

“If we vaccinate at such a pace, we will meet not only the fourth, but also the fifth and tenth waves of the epidemic. Let's answer the question: do we want this? " - said Zhvachkin.

According to him, there was “no and no” cure for covid. You can only protect yourself with vaccination. He pointed out that 98% of people admitted to the hospital are not vaccinated. The governor also recalled that the Russian school of virology is one of the best in the world.

“Why are we now listening to amateurs from the Internet? One should not be afraid of a vaccine, one should be afraid of dying,” Zhvachkin urged.

In the Tomsk region of Russia, only 46% of the population were now vaccinated. Since October 15, the region has introduced compulsory vaccination for some categories of workers.

Recall that today in Russia there is an absolute maximum in the number of coronavirus infections over the entire period of the pandemic. During the day, 32,196 new cases of the disease were detected. Also, a new anti-record for mortality was set - in a day, the disease claimed the lives of 999 patients.