OREANDA-NEWSThe chief infectious disease specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health Vladimir Chulanov said that the likelihood of re-infection with the coronavirus exists, but such cases are extremely rare. Interfax reports.

Re-infection depends on the individual characteristics of the person's immune system. According to Chulanov, if a patient has a weakened immune system, his body can produce an insufficient amount of antibodies.

On August 24, the head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, announced that he had contracted the coronavirus again. The first time his infection became known on May 25, he recovered on June 4. Kara-ool said that the second time the disease proceeds differently and he feels severe headaches. According to Interfax, the head of the republic was sent to Moscow for examination, doctors assessed his condition as stable and satisfactory. This was confirmed by the test results, and the high temperature was explained by viral intoxication.

On August 11, President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first coronavirus vaccine. Earlier, the official website of the drug was launched in Russia. It contains all the general information and the main news about Russian development. The site is available in seven languages.