OREANDA-NEWS. The State Duma approved the federal constitutional law on the government at a plenary session on October 27, which spelled out a new procedure for the formation of the cabinet of ministers, taking into account the adopted amendments to the constitution. The law was proposed and approved by Vladimir Putin.

According to the adopted law, executive power is exercised by the government and other federal bodies under the general leadership of the president. In fact, according to the current version of the law, executive power is exercised by the government.

The procedure for appointing the prime minister will also be different: the president will be able to appoint a candidate as head of the cabinet only after approval by the State Duma, while earlier the consent of the chamber was required. If the deputies reject the candidate proposed by the head of state three times, the president will be able to appoint him himself.

In addition, the procedure for appointing members of the cabinet of ministers is being changed: the security officials are appointed by the president after consultations with the Federation Council, the rest are approved by the State Duma at the suggestion of the prime minister. In addition, candidates for deputy prime ministers and ministers to the Duma can also be proposed three times. If the deputies are rejected three times, the president will appoint them independently.

The new rules also affected the procedure for the resignation of the Cabinet: the departure of the prime minister no longer automatically entails the resignation of cabinet members, the president can replace the prime minister, keeping the previous government.

As for the structure of the cabinet of ministers, it, as before, will be determined by the president himself.