OREANDA-NEWS. Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko commented on Western reports of a likely Russian invasion of Ukraine. He accused the authorities of first denying such a possibility, and now they are trying to question the likelihood of such a scenario.

He wrote about this in his Telegram channel on the morning of Tuesday, November 23.

“For three weeks now, the whole world has been observing a rather strange picture. Based on data from space reconnaissance, the United States and other partners of Ukraine in the West are warning of the real possibility of a new large-scale Russian offensive against our state. And now he is trying to question the likelihood of such a scenario, "he wrote.

Klitschko demanded the mobilization of resources for defense needs, and not squander them on dubious projects (probably an allusion to the "Big Construction", about which there are constant corruption scandals).

It is reminded, the Ukrainian intelligence announced plans for the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in 2022. As "Strana" wrote, apart from the words about the Russian attack, nothing happens in reality. In parallel, the idea is being held that only political stability in Ukraine can prevent a war. The GUR has been predicting for several years that a big war with Russia is about to begin. "Strana" previously recalled other unfulfilled prophecies of the GUR and analyzed why they again talk about war.

The media also wrote that the Kremlin and the Russian Foreign Ministry called the publications about the impending invasion of Ukraine by Russia as stuffing.