OREANDA-NEWS. Military support for Ukraine has been a source of serious problems for the US economy and defense system, TV presenter Tucker Carlson told Fox News. He stressed that exacerbating the situation is that President Joe Biden clearly does not realize how dangerous the state of affairs is.

As Carlson noted, the United States allocated so many weapons to Kyiv that now the United States itself has a shortage of it. He stressed that in the event of a serious conflict, ammunition would not be enough. But this did not stop Biden, who called on Congress to provide Ukraine with an additional $33 billion, which is much more than what former US President Donald Trump asked for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

Anyone remember the 25th Amendment [an amendment to the US Constitution that makes it possible to remove the president from office because of his incapacity. — NEWS.ru.]? This cannot continue. We are on the brink of a nuclear conflict - with a country that threatens to use nuclear weapons against us. And we expect this person to have enough fine motor skills to keep us all from dying,” Carlson said.

The TV presenter, among other things, showed a video in which Biden, stammering and grinning, announced plans to confiscate the property of Russian businessmen. As Carlson noted, the economic situation in the country is getting worse: record inflation has already been registered, interruptions in food and energy resources periodically occur. He stressed that the United States is currently in maximum danger, but the country's leadership is behaving insanely in the case of Biden.

This state of affairs causes concern, which everyone around is nevertheless afraid to speak out loud, - the presenter concluded.

Earlier it was reported that US President Joe Biden will ask Congress for $33 billion in aid for Ukraine. In addition, according to the publication, the American leader intends to agree on new legal instruments to tighten sanctions and siphon assets from Russian oligarchs.