OREANDA-NEWS. Washington and Warsaw have completed negotiations, after which an additional 1 thousand American servicemen will be sent to Poland.

This was reported by US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper. According to the politician, the US and Poland have completed negotiations on the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement. It will allow for an increased permanent presence of approximately 1 thousand soldiers, Esper explained in a written statement. There are already 4,5 thousand American military in Poland, Pentagon chief recalled. According to Esper, the treaty will allow to strengthen the containment of Russia and reinforce NATO.

Commenting on this message to RIA Novosti news agency, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee, Yury Shvytkin, said that increasing the number of US troops in Poland has a political goal. “…Of course, this is done with, perhaps, mainly political aim, in order to ensure political support for Poland, so that they feel the care of their elder brother, the United States,” the Russian parliamentarian said.