OREANDA-NEWS. The US Department of Justice plans to sue the state of Texas after the recently adopted law, according to which a ban on abortions for a period of six weeks or more is introduced. The lawsuit can be filed as early as September 9. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the law, it is prohibited in Texas to perform an abortion if the fetus already has a heartbeat, even if it is a question of rape victims. At the same time, the document allows Americans to file lawsuits against people who perform abortions. This also applies to those who help pregnant women break the law. Now the US Department of Justice wants to challenge it.

The administration of US President Joe Biden considers this law «ridiculous» and «anti-American». The American leader believes that the document will cause «unconstitutional chaos» due to the violation of the right that women have used for almost half a century. In addition, abortion rights advocates are concerned that similar laws may be adopted in other states.

Earlier, Alexander Petrov, chief researcher at the Center for North American Studies of the IVI RAS, explained that the conflict between Texas and north Portland over the abortion law is connected with intraparty showdowns between the Republican and Democratic parties. According to him, the liberal states that opposed such restrictions will strengthen their confrontation with the conservative wing. The current situation is only an inter-party struggle between the conservative parts of the Republicans and Democrats, so we should only wait for the further development of the situation inside the United States.