OREANDA-NEWSThree other IL-76 aircraft of the Russian military aviation, the 12th, 13th and 14th in a row, with groups of Russian military specialists and equipment on board, landed at a military airfield in Italy. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the agency, Il-76 aircraft delivered equipment for the diagnosis and disinfection of air to the Italian Air Force Base Pratica di Mare. The military department continues to transfer the necessary equipment and troops to assist Italy in the fight against coronavirus. Earlier, the military department reported that for the transfer of specialists of the military department and equipment at the Chkalovsky airfield, a group of nine Il-76 aircraft was formed.

The aircraft made their first nine flights the night before, delivering about 100 military, virologists and epidemiologists, as well as eight mobile medical rites and special equipment to the Pratica di Mare military airfield. After agreeing with the Italian side the areas for the implementation of preventive and disinfection measures, Russian military specialists will begin to carry out the tasks.

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a telephone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, confirmed his readiness to promptly provide the necessary assistance in combating the epidemic.