OREANDA-NEWS. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported that during a joint operation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Central Intelligence Agency (USA), one of the leaders of the terrorist organization Islamic State Al Bar Shishani was detained in a private house near Kiev. This is stated on the Facebook page of the SBU.

The intelligence service indicates that the detainee is now being checked for involvement in crimes in Ukraine. Later, extradition may be conducted. The SBU does not specify to which country the terrorist will be delivered up.

The SBU said that a Georgian citizen Al Bar Shishani since 2012 fought in Syria and was one of the leaders of the terrorists in Latakia Governorate. Then he became an assistant to Abu Umar al-Shishani, who headed the units of immigrants from the Caucasus who fought in the Arab Republic. After the death of the latter in 2016, Al Bar Shishani went to Turkey, where he continued to coordinate the activities of extremists.

It is alleged that last year a terrorist with a fake passport moved to Ukraine and since that time he lived in a private house in the Kiev Region.

The SBU claims that the examination proved that Al Bar Shishani is indeed a man who is on the international wanted list as an Islamic State fighter.

The State Security Service of Georgia confirmed the detention of Georgian citizen Al Bar Shishani. “We confirm the fact of his detention,” the press service of the authority said to Russian information agency RIA Novosti, but the officials did not give details.