OREANDA-NEWS. The USA Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr. met with Navy leaders in Italy. He discussed with Admiral James G. Foggo III, commander of US Naval Forces Europe-Africa, Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti, commander of the US 6th Fleet, and other senior Navy officials upon the increase of Russian naval activity in the Mediterranean region, including a skirmish with Ukrainians last autumn.

Two US Navy aircraft carrier group started operations in the Mediterranean Sea on April 23. Totally, the naval group consist of more than 130 aircraft, aircraft carriers USS Abraham Lincoln and USS John C. Stennis (class Nimitz) and 8 other ships, as well as 9 thousand marines and sailors. The last time when two US carriers operated simultaneously in the Mediterranean was 2016.

The conversation in Naples touched upon cooperating with Moscow and also how to oppose Russian military activities.

Huntsman said that Washington seeks a better relationship with Moscow, but that can only happen when Russia “stops its aggressive behavior and creates space for productive dialogue.” The Ambassador added that the USA remain committed to dialogue to de-escalate situations and find the fields for cooperation.

American politician said that each of the aircraft carriers operating in the Mediterranean region now represents “100 thousand tons of international diplomacy.” The communication combined with the strength the Navy forces provide demonstrate to Kremlin that if it truly want to establish better relations with the White House, “it must cease its destabilizing activities around the world,” Huntman stated.