OREANDA-NEWS. The administration of US President Donald Trump and the Polish authorities are approaching an agreement in consultations concerning the deployment of the US military base in the Poland.

If the parties reach an agreement, Trump may visit Poland in the autumn 2019. It was planned earlier that the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, will arrive in Washington this week to discuss this matter with the National Security Advisor, John Bolton. The visit of Morawiecki to the American capital has been postponed, and he will visit New York and Chicago.

Washington and Warsaw have not yet come to a common opinion about whether it will be a building a US military base or a gradual fortifying of the Pentagon presence in the country. The representatives of the USA and Poland now no more discuss a possibility to name a base Fort Trump as it was suggested earlier.

The head of the White House is examining the possibility of demanding that the countries in which the US military bases are located must not only cover all expenses for them but, moreover, pay for the fact that they are located on their territory.

The fortifying of the US military presence on Polish territory has been discussed by Washington and Warsaw since the autumn of 2018, when, during a visit to the US capital, President Andrzej Duda for the first time announced the initiative to establish Fort Trump in Poland. Polish authorities have declared that they are ready to spend 1.5–2 billion dollars to build an infrastructure for the American military base.

Nowadays, an American tank brigade and a multinational NATO battalion are deployed in Poland.