OREANDA-NEWS. An outbreak of coronavirus infection in the Vietnamese coastal city of Da Nang and nearby provinces, where four cases of infection from unknown carriers in the past 5 days have been registered, is caused by a new type of virus that has not previously been encountered in the country. This was reported by the Vietnamese government on July 27.

Hanoi informs that the new type of virus, according to the first observations and the results of the first studies, is more aggressive than the types previously known in Vietnam: it is capable of more rapid reproduction, and it causes a transition to a serious condition in patients more quickly. Two out of four patients diagnosed with infection at the end of last week are currently connected to ventilators.

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam explain the penetration of a new type of virus into the central region of the country with the entry of illegal migrants, or a mutation of the virus in one of the hospitals in Da Nang.

Several areas with the highest risk of spreading infection have been blocked in and around Da Nang. Quarantine restrictions were imposed. The Vietnamese authorities began to evacuate 80 thousand tourists.

Several people suspected of the organization of illegal entry of foreign citizens (including Chinese) into Vietnam were detained in Da Nang.