OREANDA-NEWSSpeaker of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin on Tuesday, commenting on the statements of the U.S. ambassador to Warsaw Georgette Mosbacher about the alleged conspiracy of Hitler and Stalin on the partition of Poland, invited the U.S. Department of State to check the knowledge of the heads of diplomatic missions about the countries where they have to work.

Russian Speaker "It would be right for the US State Department, before sending the ambassador to the country, to be interested in his knowledge of the history of the state where he has to work", said Volodin, quoted by the Duma press service. According to Volodin, the US ambassador in Warsaw "by his statement offends not only the citizens of Russia and the former republics of the USSR, but also the United States of America".

On Monday, the US ambassador to Warsaw, Georgette Mosbacher, wrote that the cause of World War II was the conspiracy of Hitler and Stalin, and "Poland was a victim of this terrible conflict". The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed surprise at this, suggesting that the diplomat "didn't teach history at school well". Subsequent Twitter posts by the ministry indicate that Nazi Germany’s operation to seize Poland was prepared in accordance with an order of April 10, 1939, and therefore the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact couldn't have caused it to begin and the start of the entire Second World War.