OREANDA-NEWS. The Polish Ministry of Defense reported on the movement of a large number of migrants who were in a temporary camp near the Belarusian-Polish border to the Kuznitsa checkpoint. «The camp where the migrants were staying is already empty», the agency wrote on Monday, November 15. According to it, migrants approached the border in large columns under the control of Belarusian security forces.

At the same time, the Polish Defense Ministry announced provocations by Belarus. «The sounds of shots, probably with blank cartridges, are an everyday reality that our soldiers and officers face», it said. Videos posted on Twitter by the defense ministry show that hundreds of migrants are in front of the ranks of Polish law enforcement officers and the military.

In turn, the representative of the Polish border guard estimated the number of illegal immigrants at the checkpoint Kuznitsa at several hundred. «We expect that an attempt will be made with the use of force to cross the border. Now we have ordered to pull together all the forces we have there», she said. This information cannot be verified, since Poland has declared a state of emergency in the border region and does not allow journalists to enter it. The same applies to Minsk's statements.

Meanwhile, the State Border Committee of Belarus reported that it's employees ensure «security and order both in the spontaneous camp itself and along the movement of the column». Anton Bychkovsky, a representative of the department, told TASS that the migrants «emphasize their exclusively peaceful intentions and are ready for the development of any situation», and women and children are at the head of the column.

RIA Novosti, citing a source in the border service of Belarus, writes that migrants are «right on the border line» at the checkpoint and are not trying to break through the barriers. According to these data, «almost all 2 thousand» people from the spontaneous camp are at the border crossing.