OREANDA-NEWS. The second wave of infection of the new coronavirus is not inevitable; it can be avoided if preventive measures are taken. At the same time, the threat of a re-burst of sickness rate still exists. This was announced on June 3 by the head of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Hans Kluge, at a briefing in Copenhagen.

According to him, an increasing number of countries are lifting quarantine restrictions, and there is a clear threat of a second outbreak of COVID-19. If these outbreaks are not stopped, the second wave may come, and it can become very destructive, Dr. Kluge said.

He noted that the countries of the world have already learned a lot from the beginning of the year in the fight against the epidemic. If a new outbreak arises, we will be better prepared, now we better understand what measures are effective, Kluge explained.

WHO representative resumed that it is necessary to carefully and gradually remove the restrictions that have been introduced, as well as constantly monitor the situation.