OREANDA-NEWS. Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia, Melita Vujnovich, commented on a statement made by the Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergency Programme, Michael Ryan, who called the statistics on mortality from COVID-19 in Russia difficult to understand.

“Dr. Ryan showed… that he is not a statistician, he has no experience in this area of ​​expertise, and he just expressed his opinion. But the opinion of WHO is such that there are no complaints [Against Russia. – Ed.],” she said.

According to Vujnovich, coronavirus rates in Russia are really low, and it is unusual. “This is not a standard situation. But… it is very important to note that the vast possibilities for testing in the country allowed Russia to have a very good picture of understanding what is happening with the epidemic,” the representative of WHO said.

Vujnovich also said that at present the WHO pays attention only to statistics, other factors will be considered later. She noted that Russia has adopted and is implementing the WHO guidelines for applying the international classification of the disease in relation to mortality. “In no case does WHO have claims against the Russian Federation regarding mortality statistics,” she resumed.