OREANDA-NEWSThe proportion of people of working age in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will peak at almost 65% by 2020, after which it will begin to decline and will reach about 55% by 2075, according to a report by the World bank.The document notes that the share of people of working age in these countries in 2020 will reach the maximum value among all countries in Europe and Central Asia.

The rapid aging of the population has a serious impact on the labor market. Although the proportion of people aged 20–65 years is gradually increasing in most countries, this is due to a decrease in the proportion of children. By 2020, the labor force will reach its peak in almost all countries of the region, as it ages, the labor force will decline - to 55-58% in 2040 and to 50-55% in 2075, which will affect all aspects of the economy in every country in Europe and Central Asia", the report explained.

As a result, according to the ministry, the average annual population of the Russian Federation will grow from 146.8 million people in 2018 to 147.7 million people in 2022, and by 2024 it can reach 148.7 million people.