OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressed condolences to the Germans over the unprecedented flood, which resulted in hundreds of human victims and many destruction.

“We sincerely sympathize with the Germans and wish them resilience in overcoming the consequences of the disaster,” Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

She accompanied the post with a cartoon published in the newspaper Deutsche Welle in 2019 after the flood in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. On it, a helicopter with the name of the governor of the region Alexander Uss on board flies past a flooded house, on the roof of which a couple with a baby. "Do you want to rock your rights?" - reads the inscription above.

The words really belong to the governor Uss. He made an emotional statement at a meeting with the inhabitants of the flooded Kansk.

"I advise DW to take a closer look at the caricature again, it can be useful for demonstrating the communication of German politicians with German citizens after the floods in Germany. The passenger of the helicopter is easily recognizable, for example, Steinmeier," Zakharova wrote.

She advised Deutsche Welle journalists to publish the cartoon again, leaving the text, to mark the board with the name of any regional German politician and add: "Wer andern eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein", speaking in Russian: "Don't dig a hole for another, into it yourself you'll get there. "

Due to the most powerful rainstorms in Europe over the past decade, territories in Belgium and the Netherlands have been flooded, and the streets of several cities in Austria have gone under water. There is no transport or telephone connection with some regions. Germany has suffered the most.