IT, Media: articles for 15.11.2017

15.11.2017, 08:43
Tautachrome Inc. (OTCQB:TTCM) today announced that on a fixed date certain, to be released soon, it will distribute, pro rata, a substantial quantity of KlickZie cryptocurrency to its common shareholders of record on that date.
15.11.2017, 07:18
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed its 'ConnectionChain,' a security technology that can safely and easily execute exchanges and payments in different virtual currencies.
15.11.2017, 06:54
NEC Corporation today announced the global commercialization of a new network server that complies with LoRa (Long Range) WAN, a new wireless communication technology, and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area), which creates wide area networks with low power consumption.

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