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On all Heavy Sites will Appear the Application "My Passport"
17.07.2019, 21:54
The mobile application "My Passport" will appear for all foreign and Russian mobile platforms.
The Hermitage Warned that Fake Museum Sites are Increasingly Appearing
17.07.2019, 21:26
The number of attempts to create a fraudulent clones of official website of the State Hermitage Museum with the aim of speculation tickets has increased.
A Record Number of Darknet Users Installed in Russia
17.07.2019, 21:15
The Tor browser, which allows you to visit the darknet (the hidden part of the Internet), recorded a record number of users from Russia in one day.
Bezos Told how Space Tourism Can Save the Earth
17.07.2019, 21:07
The development of space tourism will allow more people to look at the Earth "from the side" and feel personal responsibility for the preservation of our planet. 
Yandex has Named the most Popular Football Club in Russia
17.07.2019, 21:00
Yandex conducted research and found out which Russian clubs are the most popular in various regions of the country. 
The Monument to the Brothers Strugatsky will be Established in St. Petersburg
17.07.2019, 20:46
The public chamber of St. Petersburg have supported the installation of a monument to the brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in the Park on Moskovsky prospect.
At the Festival in Moscow will Use a Five-Meter Statue of Snake Gorynycha
17.07.2019, 20:28
The V International Rostec Fireworks Festival will be held in the Brateevsky Cascade Park on August 17 and 18. 

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