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16.07.2021, 14:04

The German Defense Ministry announced a military disaster in the west of the country due to flooding

16.07.2021, 13:15

The German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier offered condolences to the relatives of those killed in the wake of the natural disaster in the west of the country.

16.07.2021, 13:01

A cobra has killed a snake expert from the Philippine province of Pangasinan, who considered himself invulnerable and claimed to be immune to snake venom, writes Lenta.Ru with reference to the Daily Mail.

16.07.2021, 12:38

There are already 93 people killed in a catastrophic flood in western Germany, the fate of another 1.3 thousand remains unknown, according to Bild.

16.07.2021, 12:02

The death toll from the mudflow in the Turkish province of Rize has reached 6.

16.07.2021, 10:55

Europe is suffering from massive flooding.

16.07.2021, 10:29
Scientists from the University of Manchester have identified the cause of the most common type of blindness.
16.07.2021, 10:09
Two men were found dead in a hotel room that was previously the home of the late designer Gianni Versace as CNN reports.

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