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12.08.2021, 16:03

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding cake was auctioned for £ 1,850 ($ 2,500) at auction.

12.08.2021, 14:22
The President of the United States  Joe Biden called for showing other countries, including Russia and China, the ability to solve serious problems together with other democracies.
12.08.2021, 14:02

Asteroid Bennu, which is 510 kilometers in diameter, may collide with Earth on September 24, 2184. But the likelihood of this happening is about 0.037 percent, or 1 in 2700.

12.08.2021, 13:35
A ship carrying tourists sank in the Aegean Sea. 
12.08.2021, 13:04

This is the name of the anticyclone due to which a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius has already been established in Sicily.

12.08.2021, 10:34

Additional restrictive measures began to operate on the Greek island of Crete, on August 11, in the Heraklion region, due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported on the website of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

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