IT, Media: articles for 17.08.2021

17.08.2021, 17:04

Scientists have found out why coronavirus is especially dangerous for diabetics

17.08.2021, 15:24
In the sequel to "Sex and the City" Kim Cattrall will be replaced by Nicole Ari Parker
17.08.2021, 14:06

To do this, they studied the cognitive abilities of 2,100 people.

17.08.2021, 13:34

The boy's heartbroken parents refuse to speak to the press.

17.08.2021, 11:02

Despite the fact that Princess Diana gave an interview to the BBC in 1995, the scandal continues to this day. The channel will be forced to pay the royal family $ 1.5 million as compensation, The Sun reported.

17.08.2021, 10:29

Hackers placed swastikas on popular Wikipedia articles

17.08.2021, 10:17
The French leader Emmanuel Macron unexpectedly decided to send two military aircraft and special forces to Afghanistan.

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