IT, Media: articles for 16.02.2022

16.02.2022, 18:03
Maria Zakharova, during a regular briefing for journalists, said that British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss should apologize to the peoples of Russia and Britain for absurd statements.
16.02.2022, 17:38
Russia's military maneuvers are President Vladimir Putin's signal that he has tools to use against the West if he "goes too far".
16.02.2022, 11:41
Maximilian Krach, a German deputy from the Alternative for Germany party, told RIA Novosti that allegations of an “invasion” of Russian forces into Ukraine seemed false.
16.02.2022, 11:05
An “inadequate” regime has been established in Ukraine, under which Kiev can place missiles on the territory of the country in order to use them later, “by blowing itself up, just not to get to Russia”.

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