OREANDA-NEWS. January 30, 2017.  Samsung Electronics has announced that Mail.Ru Group’s database managment system (DBMS) Tarantool has been successfully launched on the open-source operating system Tizen installed on the IoT module ARTIK 10. Combining Tizen and Tarantool will allow developers to create high performance, reliable applications for processing data obtained from sensors and other devices connected both locally and via the cloud, without the risk of losing data.

Tarantool was created at Mail.Ru Group in 2009. It is a constantly evolving open-source solution: its latest version was released in December 2016. Tarantool is fast and easy to use and, having modest minimum hardware requirements, can run even on a single-core CPU with a small amount of memory. Moreover, Tarantool is an application server that can be used to develop software for small devices working outside of a data center. Its versatility, coupled with high processing speed and advanced replication mechanisms that ensure reliable data transfer from a device to a data center, makes Tarantool an ideal DBMS for creating IoT solutions.

Tizen, as well as Tarantool, is an open-source solution; it’s an operating system based on the Linux kernel. Tizen is managed by the Technical Steering Group and the Linux Foundation. Tizen 3.0, which is the latest version, is an IoT platform. Moreover, the operating system supports multiple special profiles that have seen successful use across millions of commercial devices: TV sets, smartphones, smart watches, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and cars. Built-in kernel-level containerization mechanisms, support for standard secure connection protocols, and the Secure Element technology used in Samsung’s ARTIK module ensure bank-level security. According to specialists at Samsung R&D Institute Rus, Tizen can be used on the ARTIK 5, 7 and 10 modules that serve as a local hub. This implementation is efficient both for open multi-tier architectures that use cloud services and for closed perimeters with no access to public networks.

“Tarantool and Tizen have a lot in common: they are both open-source products and are both well-suited for IoT development. The successful launch of Tarantool on Tizen has also shown that this operating system can be used to install full-fledged industrial-level databases and develop working applications for various IoT devices. This opens new exciting opportunities for Tarantool developers,” commented Dennis Anikin, Engineering Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group.