OREANDA-NEWS. Mobovivo, a subsidiary of ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY), and 3-WORX announce today the release of a new sports game app from 3-WORX compatible with iPhones and iPads. 3-Worx has launched a subscription-based model for gaming and is adding new games to its platform with the help of Mobovivo. 3-WORX will utilize the technology, team and expertise at Mobovivo to deliver innovative technology solutions for the marketplace.

“This is the first step and first set of games available on iOS,” says Jacob Anderson, CEO of 3-WORX. “The 3-WORX game platform will advance from here with new games and new ways to play.”

This is the first version of a series of new games to be introduced by the companies. The Android version is currently under development and will be available soon. New games and new revenue models will be added to the mobile apps in the coming weeks and months.

“3-WORX has a great team and great vision,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of Mobovivo. “We look forward to helping them make that vision come to life.”

Mobovivo has added the ability for brands to create dynamic, context, interactive, and location-aware experiences including mobile games, customized advertising, and apps. Mobovivo customers and partners, like 3-WORX, pay for customization and licence Mobovivo software for a monthly fee. In addition, Mobovivo and 3-WORX has entered into a revenue sharing agreement on in-app purchases, subscriptions and advertising.

Mobovivo is a team of TV producers and talented software engineers that turn the industries biggest threat - mobile devices pulling audiences away from TV - into their greatest asset - revenue.

Mobovivo's Real-Time Sports Game Engine supports over 100 million interactions / minute for companies like ESPN, CBS, Cineplex, TWC and Intel enabling viewers to engage with content and social daily fantasy across all screens and platforms.

Video, gamification, synced behind-the-scenes, and social media extensions entertain and capture audience data for video producers and brands.

3-WORX is an up and coming company that is exploding with exciting products and innovation. The creators of 3-WORX, have teamed up to provide sports enthusiasts, fans, fantasy players, and sports bettors with cutting-edge technology and information to better enhance the overall entertainment experience.

Utilizing social media and other “quick to consumer” funnels, 3-WORX has developed an Affiliate model to promote and bring to market revolutionary gaming products.  “Changing the Game” is their motto, “Changing Lives” is their goal.