OREANDA-NEWS. ServicePower Technologies Plc (AIM: SVR), a market leader in mobile workforce management software, today announces that it has signed a new three year contract with BrandsMart USA for ServiceScheduling, ServiceOperations and ServiceGPS.

BrandsMart USA, a North American retailer headquartered in Florida, utilizes ServiceScheduling to optimize scheduling and routing of its "in home" and "bench" repair teams; who provide services under both manufacturer and extended warranty coverage. Through ServiceScheduling, BrandsMart has increased the number of jobs per day that each mobile worker completes, decreased job cycle time, as well as reducing overall costs through hosting the solution with ServicePower.  The deployment of ServiceGPS asset tracking has provided additional costs savings, including the reduction of fuel costs and improved employee field safety through real time location information. BrandsMart has also increased the percentage of jobs billed back to manufacturers or third party administrators.

Cosmo Adamo, VP, Service, BrandsMart USA, said "BrandsMart extended its contract with ServicePower because we've seen real improvement in our field service operation using the technology. We've increased the productivity of our mobile technicians. Technicians arrive quickly and when promised, and get the job finished in the same visit. We also have seen real benefits with ServiceOperations. Using ServiceOperations, we were able to automate warranty claims processing, taking the knowledge about each individual manufacturer or third party administrator's process and setting it up within ServiceOperations. We send all claims through ServiceOperation which directly process claims for its own client manufacturers and administrators, or forwards those not in its ecosystem on to external claims processors. 100% of warranty claims are now submitted, in a timely manner, with correct and complete information, to the appropriate processor, resulting in very high reimbursement rates for BrandsMart. Overall, ServicePower's mobile workforce management solution has helped BrandsMart achieve increased productivity, better warranty claims submission and reimbursement rates, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction rates. We look forward to increased ROI in the future."

Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower, stated "We're delighted BrandsMart USA continues to achieve operational improvement using our mobile workforce management software, and look forward to our continued relationship."