OREANDA-NEWS. February 12, 2018. SmartMetric says the alarming increase in fraud notifications over the past year has an impact on consumers trust in institutions issuing credit cards.  

According to a research report just released by Javelin Strategy and Research titled “The 2018 Identity Fraud Study” nearly 1/3 of United States consumers were notified of a breach in the past year, 2017.  An increase over the previous year which was 12% of consumers.  This represents a significant increase in fraud impacting consumers.

The impact of almost constant news in the media is having on consumer sentiment is shown by the research showing a marked increase in consumers concerned about fraud.  Of the general population in 2016, 51% were concerned about fraud.  This figure rose in 2017 to 69% of the general population.  SmartMetric commissioned a consumer research survey which found amongst Visa credit card holders 80% are concerned about credit card fraud.  This is shows that consumers who actually own and use a credit card are more concerned about fraud than the general public.  

According to an ACI Worldwide Impact Report – Global Consumers: Losing Confidence in the Battle Against Fraud.  “After experiencing fraud, 63 percent of consumers use their card less, at least in some situations, than they had previously.”

SmartMetric is the pioneer of in-card biometrics having spent over a decade in developing an extremely miniature fully functional fingerprint scanner that is less than a 1/3 the thickness of a standard credit card.  Its biometric credit card meets ISO and industry standards for credit card thickness and size allowing it to work in existing retail card readers and ATM’s.

SmartMetric biometric cards are available to Banks in the United States through SmartMetric’s industry distributor, PROTEC. PROTEC Secure Card (PSC) based in New Jersey, have years of experience in the Credit Card industry both in the USA and Latin America. PSC is an established Visa, MasterCard and Discover certified credit card manufacturer that specializes in advanced high-quality credit card production for card issuing Banks in the United States along with Central and Latin America. The company is a leader using the most updated equipment and technologies in their secure production facility.