OREANDA-NEWS.  The Tor browser, which allows you to visit the darknet (the hidden part of the Internet), recorded a record number of users from Russia in one day.

 The next peak of activity fell on July 11 - more than 600 thousand Russians used the browser for that day.  According to the statistics on the Tor official website, at the beginning of the year, the application was used by about 300 thousand users from the Russian Federation, however, their number constantly increased during the year, and the historical maximum was updated 5 times - on April 30, May 13, May 20, July 9, and July 11  .  Thus, Russia is ahead of the number of entrances to the United States and Iran.

 Alexander Pechenkin, an associate professor at the Department of Information Security of Computer Systems at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, says that the information about the “beaten dark records” is not completely reliable.

 “Statistics show how many people use the browser Tor, and not how many generally come into a darknet.  There are other ways to get there, but there are no analytical tools to find out which countries most users come from.  These news appear because the combination of the words "darknet", "hacker" and "Russian" in the title collects a lot of views.  But it would be wrong to make any global conclusions, ”the expert says.

 In April 2019, the Federation Council approved the law on the isolation of the Runet.  It will take effect on November 1.  According to the authors of the law, it touched "for a rainy day."  If Runet threatens to restrict or disable from the outside, Roskomnadzor will take over centralized control.  The agency will filter all Internet traffic through special blocking systems, which will be distributed to telecom operators for free.  The latter will have to follow direct instructions from Roskomnadzor.