OREANDA-NEWS. As journalist Ishan Tarur writes in an article for the Washington Post, an innovative development of Russian scientists - the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine - can bring Russia global success.

According to the author, not so long ago talk about a Russian drug "caused ridicule and skepticism." However, last week, the opinion about the vaccine from Russia radically changed after the publication in the authoritative scientific publication Lancet, telling about the results of the third stage of testing "Sputnik V" on volunteers. The work confirmed the high safety of the drug and indicated its effectiveness at a high level - 91.6 percent.

The journalist noted that more than two dozen countries have already approved the use of the vaccine, and this trend will continue after approval by the Lancet. Sputnik V is significantly cheaper than competing Western vaccines and is much easier to transport because it does not require ultra-low storage temperatures like most other vaccines. In particular, this circumstance would complicate the distribution of Pfizer's drug in most developing countries.

The publicist believes the vaccine can bring victory to Russia by "soft power". In his opinion, such a scientific success was preceded by a complex of large national strategic studies conducted in the country in recent years under the control of Putin.