OREANDA-NEWS. Viewers of Fox News have expressed the opinion that US President Joe Biden will leave office early due to health conditions.

They believe that the choice of Biden as president was not accidental and that Vice President Kamala Harris may soon take his place.

American viewers believe that there is a possibility that Biden will not be able to lead the country for four years. They want to hope that the current president "can make it to the midterm elections so that the Republicans can regain control of the Senate before the nightmarish scenario with Harris as president unfolds."

Some commentators have concluded that Biden is no longer playing a key role in US political life. Viewers of the TV channel believe that the Democrats used Biden, knowing full well that he had serious health problems. They confess that they felt embarrassed when they saw Joe stumble the first time, and then the second and third times.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden stumbled three times while boarding the plane. The video filmed by the journalists was circulated on social networks. The White House explained that the cause of the incident was a strong wind, and that the president was feeling "fine."

Former US President Donald Trump also commented on the incident with the head of state Joe Biden on the plane. A snippet of his speech was posted on TikTok. Trump said: "I watched Joe Biden walking down the gangplank and I said, 'I didn't lose to him."