OREANDA-NEWS According to the developers, the application they created will allow them to better control and manage mental disorders. First of all, it concerns such conditions as depression and anxiety.

The app is called Emotional Brain Study. After its launch, the user is asked basic questions about his current emotional state, as well as what he is currently busy with and how lonely he is. After this, the subject is invited to play 5 different games, during which his ability to perform intellectual tasks is measured. Next, there is a demonstration of images specially designed to identify various psycho-emotional reactions.

The second stage of the application is accompanied by the same tasks, but the pictures in this case are selected neutral. The program also contains additional questionnaires to determine whether the current state of a person is related to how easy or difficult games are given to him.

Researchers are sure that if they manage to collect a large database of template data, they will have the potential to use these same for early detection of signs of bad mood, depression and other disorders.