OREANDA-NEWS. Grand Theft Auto V, the latest game in the franchise, has now shipped 65 million units worldwide, said Take-Two Interactive during an earnings briefing on Wednesday. It was originally released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 before being ported to the PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

It's now officially the fourth highest selling video game of all time, behind Tetris, Wii Sports and Minecraft. Wii Sports, it should be noted, was bundled with Nintendo's Wii console, so doesn't really count.

Minecraft is one step ahead of GTA V, with sales of over 70 million across PCs, consoles and all mobile platforms. Minecraft should also have something of an asterisk next to its name though, being that it sells for $19.99 on consoles and $6.99 on iOS and Android.