OREANDA-NEWS. Kaspersky Lab announces the availability of a computer-based Security Awareness Training product range, aimed at enhancing the overall security of businesses by building a cyber safety culture and giving employees the right motivation and essential knowledge to recognize and avoid cyber threats. Security Awareness Training products cover staff at every level:  from regular employees to senior management. With research finding that computer-based interactive training leads to as much as 93% probability of using the knowledge in day to day work and a decrease in the number of incidents by up to 90%1, this type of training is vital in helping the business and its employees to maintain awareness and lower their exposure to risk.

Human mistakes account for the majority of cybersecurity incidents, including the most severe threats such as targeted attacks and ransomware infections. On average, enterprises pay US$551,000 to recover from a security breach, while SMBs spend US$38,0002. Human-related threats like phishing are in the top ten list of the most damaging cybersecurity incidents in terms of monetary loss. Where security awareness training is designed and implemented properly it decreases the load on IT personnel and helps companies to protect corporate data and reduce losses related to security incidents.

“Security awareness is an important part of a corporate cyber resilience strategy, yet 80% of CISOs are not satisfied with the current state of affairs. Worst case scenario we would like to avoid is the perception of employee security trainings as a fire training: something obvious, boring, inevitable and met with ignorance and lack of motivation” comments Slava Borilin, Security Awareness Program Manager, Kaspersky Lab. “Our approach to training programs is different. Although based on our threat landscape expertise, they are focused primarily on the knowledge of human psychology and designed to engage and enthuse the participant. We also take into account different expectations of personnel depending on their management level. As a result, we offer engaging training programs with the latest gamification technologies that produce real, measurable results in terms of maintaining corporate security”.

Kaspersky Lab’s range of Security Awareness Training programs consists of three major products:

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation is designed for senior management and brings professionals from different decision-making areas together to align their goals to protect the company’s assets. In a quick, intense and engaging training session, senior management learn how to address cyber-security incidents at their level, effectively cooperate with IT security and business divisions, understand the connection between the cost of security and potential loss to business revenue and profits.

CyberSafety Management Games Training. Created specifically for line managers with the ultimate goal to motivate them to maintain a cyber-safe environment within their divisions. Specifically developed for enterprises, these computer-based training modules provide a foundation level of knowledge about actual cyberthreats and how to protect a company from them. This program explains why management should care about security, helps to distinguish between safe and unsafe behavior, and provides practical do’s and don’ts.

Employee Skills Training Platform is designed for all employees. The computer-based training session evaluates current personnel cybersecurity skills and knowledge, helping people to understand the essential paradigms of corporate security, including anti-phishing, physical and smartphone security, protection of data, safe web browsing, etc. Results are measured via specifically crafted challenges with extensive analytics and reporting available. The proven training modules are available worldwide thanks to the partnership between Kaspersky Lab and Wombat Security.