OREANDA-NEWS. APT SYSTEMS, INC., a publicly traded, fully reporting company in the FinTech software sector, is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Global Trader charting indicators and software license from Azur Universal Inc. The acquisition further expands the equities and currency technical tools that APT Systems intends to offer in its planned app for mobile devices.

Global Trader will become part of the suite of trader tools that will provide subscribers with greater visibility into the markets when planning and executing trades.  Azur Universal and APT Systems share a common, holistic view on the need for useful indicators to be displayed within financial charts. “Our goal is to provide actionable analytics and information to traders, from various financial data providers, which can be accessed as part of the Intuitrader platform,” says Glenda Dowie, CEO.

The acquisition is effective immediately. The Company’s mission is to ensure our customers have access to the most proven trading tools. APT Systems will report further details in its next quarterly filing and management statement. Certain additional financial terms will be disclosed shortly in a supplemental Form 8-K filing.

APT Systems, Inc intends to keep its stakeholders informed through timely releases to promote and strengthen investor confidence. Further updates will be forthcoming as events continue unfolding.

About APT Systems, Inc

APT is an acronym for Applied Proprietary Trading. The Management of APT Systems, Inc. works to deliver stock trading tools with a focus on handheld devices while also strategically acquiring other compatible financial businesses which demonstrate strong growth potential.