OREANDA-NEWS. DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have expanded their DDoS protection cloud in Asia, with a new DDoS mitigation node in Hong Kong. The new node will work in conjunction with their existing nodes in New York, Los Angeles, London, Singapore and Vancouver and will have the same connectivity as the others, including multiple 10 Gb/Sec uplinks to multiple carriers.

Mark Teolis, CEO at DOSarrest says, "This new Hong Kong scrubbing center will have excellent connectivity in the region including multiple Chinese upstream providers. To compliment the 6 upstream providers there will be an additional 10Gb/Sec link into the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKiX) for even better route diversity. Our customers have asked for it and we are delivering" Teolis adds, "Having great connectivity into China allows us to offer our customers great performance using our caching engine and also more importantly it allows us to stop attacks closer to the source if need be."

Jag Bains, CTO at DOSarrest states, "This new Hong Kong node is part of our global capacity expansion that includes, new hardware in all existing locations, plus the addition of 100+ Gb/Sec of Internet capacity. We need this in order to offer some new services that we will be rolling out in 2017."