OREANDA-NEWS. Fujitsu today announced that it has signed partnership contracts with the Japan Basketball Association (JBA) and the Japan Professional Basketball League (B.League).

Based on its vision of Human Centric Innovation to empower people through digital technologies, Fujitsu will provide its information and communication technology (ICT) to support the JBA and B.League by providing a data management service for information on basketball players and coaches, a digital marketing platform to offer timely information to fans, and a smart arena solution that will work to hone players' skills and team performance while offering viewers a new way to experience the game. Together with supporting the growth of basketball in Japan, Fujitsu aims to contribute to the B.League goal of regional revitalization through safe and secure communities that are comfortable to live in, with arenas at their heart.

B.League, which manages the men's professional basketball league that will commence its inaugural season on September 22, has three stated missions: to produce world-class players and teams; to deliver exciting entertainment; and to create 'dream arenas.' As a partner to the JBA and B.League, Fujitsu will contribute to achieving these missions by providing ICT, including a data management service for information on basketball players and coaches, a digital marketing platform, and a smart arena solution, which Fujitsu Laboratories is in the process of developing.

With Fujitsu Laboratories' proprietary 3D laser sensors, player movements can be captured in three dimensions and with high precision without requiring the placement of markers. Analysis of the players' 3D motion data can be performed in real time, and can be used to sharpen the skills of individual players and the performance of teams.

Using multiple cameras to eliminate blind spots, this technology automatically and accurately tracks player positions and movements to generate player statistics. This will help teams play with greater precision, such as through the analysis of player formations, and to formulate tactics.

By analyzing the 3D structure of images shot from multiple camera angles, images can be generated from any desired angle. Using compelling images from perspectives where cameras ordinarily cannot be placed will deliver a new viewing experience in the arena, on TV, and on tablet PCs, raising the entertainment value.

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