OREANDA-NEWS. Xactly, (NYSE:XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, today announced the extending of the Xactly Connect™ Open Platform. By offering public APIs to some of its most popular data and features, Xactly is empowering independent software vendors (ISVs) to build richer enterprise applications, and deliver better experiences and value to their customers.

“What popularized the smartphone in the enterprise was its ability to provide the information you need in one place with a seamless user experience,” said Ron Rasmussen, CTO and SVP of Engineering, Xactly Corporation. “We believe applications should be no different – the key elements you need, where you want them, working effortlessly together. That was the inspiration behind the Xactly Connect Open Platform. Integrating the best of Xactly with partner applications helps our customers do their jobs better and more efficiently, with less hassle.”

For example, Xactly Connect Open Platform can help users align behavior to corporate goals by allowing sales reps to better understand how modifications to deal structure can impact their compensation and influence overall corporate goals. By placing the Xactly Incentive Estimator directly into Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick), sales teams can estimate potential commissions against their pipeline and then easily generate proposals, contracts, and invoices.

Another company could take advantage of the Xactly Incentive Estimator, a Salesforce Lightning Component, to give sales reps a tool for estimation. Both of these allow information to flow seamlessly between the user’s tool and Xactly and vice versa, ensuring each application stays current with the latest data.

Xactly API’s being published include:

  • Xactly Incentive Estimator – estimate potential commissions against opportunities based on current attainment levels and compensation plan
  • System Status – gain visibility into system availability, scheduled maintenance, and overall reliability of the Xactly Incent product suite allowing enterprises to create their own cloud applications dashboards
  • User Event Tracking – determine who is logging into the application from where and when, data upload and download activity, etc. in order to enhance your overall Cloud security program. This allows Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB’s) to extend their solution to Xactly.