OREANDA-NEWSBy 2050, the average temperature in Moscow can rise by 5.5 degrees Celsius as a result of global warming - it will be as warm in the Russian capital as it's now, for example, in Sofia. This forecast was made by Swiss scientists who modeled the possible weather changes in 520 major cities in the world, the Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.

Given the 19 climatic variables, in particular, temperature changes and precipitation, they believe that in 30 years in London (plus 5.9 degrees) it will be as hot in the summer as it's now in Barcelona, and the metropolis will face the same problems as and the Catalans, in particular, with drought. Madrid will live on the Marrakesh temperature scale in Morocco, and Stockholm - on Budapest. The most significant increase in temperature - by 8 degrees - experts predict in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Three-quarters of cities will undergo significant climatic changes, and the farther they are from the equator, the more striking they will be, as if, as the researchers put it, they were 1,000 km to the south. In cities throughout Europe, it will become warmer in summer and winter - the average temperature will increase by 4.7 degrees and 3.5 degrees Celsius, respectively.

One of the objectives of the study is to show the enormous problems that the planet will face as a result of the extreme climate situation, explained Jean-Francois Basten, the authors of the report. “History has repeatedly shown that data and facts alone do not contribute to the change in people’s beliefs or actions”, said Basten.

According to his colleague Tom Krauter, the new conditions will turn into "new political and infrastructural problems that we haven't previously encountered". The report was published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.