After Ukraine's decision to close the airspace for Belarusian aircraft due to the incident with the Ryanair aircraft, Minsk stops supplying A-95 gasoline. This was announced by the director of the "Consulting group A-95" Sergei Kuyun.

"The worst decision that the Belarusians could take in the current situation is to close the supply of A-95 gasoline to Ukraine, where their product has 50% of the market," he wrote on his Facebook page.  At the same time, as the businessman explained, negotiations on this issue are still ongoing.

Since May 26, Ukrainian airlines and planes have stopped flying in the airspace of Belarus. The Belarusian embassy in Kiev described this decision as an absurd.

Relations between Belarus and Ukraine has got worse after the incident with the landing of the Ryanair plane.  The plane flying from Athens to Vilnius landed in Minsk because of the message about mining in the board.  A MiG-29 fighter was raised to escort the aircraft. The board had been being checked for two hours, but the explosive device was not found. The Investigative Committee of Belarus initiated a criminal case on the fact of a false report about mining. 

After the plane’s landing in the capital of Belarus, Roman Protasevich, former editor-in-chief of the NEXTA Telegram channel recognized by the country's authorities as extremist, was detained.