OREANDA-NEWS. Lithuania actually creates concentration camps for migrants on its territory, forgetting about human rights, said on Wednesday the chairman of the commission of the upper house of the Belarusian parliament (Council of the Republic) on international affairs and national security Sergei Rachkov.

"The source of the migration crisis that arose on the border with the Republic of Lithuania is not Belarus. The countries of the European Union should remember how they destroyed life in a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East. This was the primary reason that many people from these countries are now looking for a better life in The EU. In principle, this better life was promised by the Europeans. How is the Lithuanian side acting now? In fact, it creates concentration camps on its territory, forgetting about human rights, "the press service of the Council of the Republic quoted the senator on the Telegram channel.

Rachkov called the behavior of the Lithuanian authorities and politicians "irresponsible." According to the parliamentarian, they are making "unacceptable statements" that it is necessary to send these people back to Belarus.

"In my opinion, they need to stop, use common sense and think about how to treat migrants correctly and humanely. But they are pushed back to our territory, treated inhumanly. This attitude has led to tragic results," Rachkov added.

On Tuesday, the State Border Committee (GPK) of Belarus, RIA Novosti reported that about 40 migrants with bodily injuries, forcibly expelled from the territory of Lithuania, were recorded per day. On Wednesday, the CPC informed that at night on the border with Lithuania, a migrant was found in a serious physical condition, he died while providing first aid, and an investigation is underway.