OREANDA-NEWS. «The German government has reliable information on the basis of which the actions of Ghostwriter can be attributed to the operations of the Russian state, specifically the Russian military special service GRU (the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Army. - Ed.)», the official representative of the German Foreign Ministry, Andrea Sasse, said at a government press conference on Monday, September 6. She demanded that Russia immediately stop operational subversive cyber activities in Germany.

German special services have been monitoring the work of hackers operating under the name Ghostwriter for several years. According to Sasse, Ghostwriter combines conventional cyber attacks with disinformation and influence operations. And for some time now, Berlin has begun to notice an increased orientation of such actions towards Germany.

«In Germany, on the eve of the Bundestag elections, attempts were made — including through phishing attacks — to gain access to the passwords of Bundestag deputies and land parliaments to steal their personal data», she said. «Such attacks may be a preparation for disinformation campaigns in connection with the upcoming elections».

Berlin has no doubt that the official Russian authorities are behind the actions of the hacker group Ghostwriter, and they demand an immediate end to cyber-sabotage, which they see as a «threat to the security of the Federal Republic and the process of democratic expression of will» in the upcoming elections.