OREANDA-NEWSBloomberg published material dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the presidency of Vladimir Putin, in which he listed his main achievements at the post.

According to the agency, under Putin, Russia was able to partially restore the geopolitical influence of the Soviet Union, while being in a modest budget. In particular, Bloomberg lists, Putin strengthened ties with China, “annexed” Crimea, changed the course of the war in Syria and made Russia a key player in the Middle East, sold the S-400 air defense system to Turkey, a member of NATO, and entered into major arms and oil contracts with Saudi Arabia’s key ally. Russia is also expanding its influence in Africa for the first time in 20 years, the agency notes.

In addition, under Putin, Russia was able to achieve a financial balance even under the conditions of American and European sanctions, and its economy is considered “one of the healthiest in the world”, the agency said. Moscow also claims that it was able to achieve technological superiority over the United States in the arms issue, although its defense spending is much lower than that of Washington.